Channel Seed

Channel Seed only been around a short while now but it has sure made a huge impression in the Seed world. Over the years Monsanto had started to deal with seed to go along with the chemicals thimages-2ey had bought many companies over the years. DeKalb seed was there main brand that was sold through the co-ops, and they wanted a brand that could be sold by dealers so that they could have a brand for the growers that wanted to either deal with the co-op or the dealer. So that’s when Channel was born, they took all the companies they had bought over the years and created picture

We encourage you to take a look at the channel website and look through the seed finder and the Harvest results and find a product that would interest you we are always around to help with any questions that you would have. We try our best to offer the best service with out sale, from soil and tissue samples to in season nitrate testing we make it our goal to make sure you have the best growing season that you can.

We have a full Service seed treater where we use Acceleron Treatments on soybeans. Acceleron is by far the leader in the industry and has been for a long time. Any products that are treated with Acceleron have a 100% replant. Either beans we sell or other brands of beans we just need a heads up and we can handle it. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.